Are You Heading Back to School? Take Us With You!

Whether you are a student, a teacher, or a mother, we know you can feel it: back to school time is approaching! For some that inspires a sigh of relief, while others are clinging to the last moments of summer vacation for dear life. And you know, I think I can understand both feelings. Summer moments fly by and become Summer memories too quickly (though the heat may linger here in the South), but the start of a new school year, new school supplies, and a renewed focus on our goals is so refreshing. 
Heading into a new school year, we want to introduce 5 pieces we think you will definitely want to add to your school supply shopping list, and we’ll tell you why! 

ethically made fashion for teachers

1. The Vienna Studio Dress in Slate
These hand-stitched dresses are made in India, making each piece totally one-of-a-kind! With a high neckline, short sleeve, and knee-length hemline, this piece gives us all the Jessica Day vibes! 😉 For teachers, this is a bold, fun, and functional option for a day of teaching and inspiring the next generation. For college students, showing up in professional and quality attire not only influences your professors’ and colleagues’ impressions of you and your goals, but dressing well changes the wearer’s attitude as well. And Mamas, whether you’re in the carpool line or teaching your kids a home… it’s time to treat-yo-self. Showing up for your kids and yourself in an eye-catching and happy dress is never, ever going to be a bad decision! Ever! 

black and white gingham dress nursing friendly

2. The Hannah Dress in Black and White Gingham
This is another dress that will be school-year functional for mothers, teachers, and students alike! This gorgeous gingham dress has a modest hemline (I’m 5’8 and it hits just past my knees!), short sleeves, and the best part? POCKETS!!! These pockets are roomy enough to store your cell phone, paper clips, frogs from your elementary students… whatever your school year calls for. 😜 This dress also has a surplice neckline, making it nursing-friendly for all you nursing and pumping Mamas! 

fair trade jewelry, made in India, ethically sourced jewelry
3. The Chevron Necklace in Wood
When you need to complete an outfit but you need to rush out the door, this fair trade wooden necklace will never let you down. Whether you are heading to class, to pick up the kids from school, or into a PTA meeting, this necklace is the perfect combination of neutral and unique. Just like a brown belt or the perfect clutch (you know, those cornerstones of a perfect wardrobe!), the wooden chevron shapes and gold detail will go with almost any outfit you wish to accessorize.

ethically made jewelry fair trade boutique



4. The Ellaria Tassel Necklace
Time for a personal note. 😜 My favorite teachers in high school were the ones that dressed well and wore unique accessories. (Shout out, Carrie Carson!) Really! I knew, even back then, that they were showing us that they felt we were worth showing up for. I felt like they were happy to be there teaching us! I still remember my social studies teacher who wore silverware earrings - one earring was a fork, and the other was a spoon, and she wore them together as a pair. And I thought she was the coolest. All that to say, this eye-catching tassel fringe necklace is just the right statement necklace for the classroom. It is also a fantastic conversation piece to discuss ethical fashion with your colleagues or students

ethically made large leather clutch

5. The Oversized Portfolio Clutch in Brown
This is more than an accessory, it is an incredibly helpful tool during your school year! Giving a presentation or walking into a meeting with the documents you need has never looked so polished. 😉 This hand-stitched leather case will hold a file folder with papers, a tablet, or a 13 inch laptop. And what’s more, this gorgeous portfolio clutch will only look more beautiful over time, instead of falling apart halfway through the school year!

What does your back-to-school look like this year? Let me know in the comments! I want to know! For me, it looks like starting our first year of homeschooling my kindergartener.  So that means I get to be Mama AND teacher this Fall! And as many times as I’ve already reached into my closet for #2 on the list, I have a feeling that dress is going to get a lot of wear. 😍 I mean, there’s a REASON she named it after me! 😘

If you are heading #backtoschool in Salt and Light Trading Co., pretty please post on Instagram and tag us so we can see! Just use the hashtag #Createathrivingworld to give us a shout out. 


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