Creating an Ethically Made and Totally Functional Capsule Wardrobe

By now, we’ve all heard of the wonders of the “Capsule Wardrobe”, right? If not, here’s the quick rundown. The idea is to increase the functionality of the clothes you own by having a smaller number of pieces, that are of higher quality, and that can be mixed and matched to create many outfits that are seasonally appropriate. The benefits to this idea are amazing - my favorite perk being that I never have to worry about successfully creating an outfit in a hurry if I’ve already crafted a cohesive closet!

One of the main issues one faces when coming to terms with the realities of mass clothing production vs. ethical fashion is, less face it, the significantly higher investment. Is affordable ethical fashion even possible? I believe so. By utilizing the idea of a capsule wardrobe, I believe we would highly benefit in our wallets and in our personal lives if we choose to become more purposeful in creating an ethically made and intentionally cohesive wardrobe. But of course, we need to leave room for those bold statement pieces we love so much. ;)

So, how do we do it?

First, choose your favorite color pallete. Not sure what colors to choose? This is my favorite remedy for that! Head to Pinterest, create a “My Wardrobe” board, and start pinning every clothing image that inspires you. If it jumps out at you, pin it! It doesn’t have to be an exact imprint of what you might wear on a daily basis, just pin it. 😊 Once you’ve gotten about 20+ images saved, take a look at the board as a whole. What patterns, styles, or pieces are a recurring theme? Were you drawn to lots of bright colors, or did you pin a lot of soft neutrals? Were you particularly drawn to dresses, skirts, or jeans? What’s the overall vibe? Boho or preppy? Casual or totally Extra? 💃

affordable ethical fashion

When I attempted this experiment, I found that I was drawn to a lot of black and white stripes, floral prints, pops of yellow, high waisted skirts, and cognac brown accessories. And when I looked at my actual closet? I owned hardly any of those things! Suddenly I had some clear direction when I went shopping for clothes, instead of just buying random pieces just because they fit and maybe I’d find a place to wear it someday. (Photo above is what I've collected either from Salt & Light Trading Co. or by second-hand shopping. :)) 

So, what does this project have to do with ethical clothing? I believe that by shopping at Salt and Light Trading Company, you can get a ton of bang for your buck when it comes to the pieces we offer. For example, if I were to work off of my personal Pinterest board to create a functional and ethical wardrobe, I may choose these pieces:

nursing friendly black jumpsuit

The Jamie Wrap Jumpsuit in Black (or Mustard!) 
An ethically made black jumpsuit or romper is the most versatile piece I can think of for any woman’s closet. (As you can see, I actually did grab one of these for myself. 😍) It can be dressed down with sandals or sneakers for a day spent hanging out with your family as easily as it can be dressed up with heels, a bold lip, and a beautiful clutch for a date or more formal event. Another similar option with a longer pant length is The Maggie Striped Jumpsuit! Simply rotating accessories keeps the look from just one piece fresh and functional. (PS: I could also choose this in mustard yellow if I’m feeling a little bolder! 🙌)

ethically made red dress

A Solid Colored Dress
Getting one or two flattering dresses in a solid color will create great foundations for a wide variety of looks. For example: I could grab The Eliza Dress in Red (it's on my wishlist 😉), throw on a denim jacket and some flats for a day of running errands or playing with my kids. Then, for a wedding or a date night, I could totally change the look by wearing some heels, a faux leather jacket or a blazer, and some bold statement earrings. You get the idea. 😌

chambray dress

A Chambray (or Chambray-look) Dress

For the sake of example, another idea that would fit my Pinterest mood board is a chambray dress. I love that these can be worn and accessorized for all seasons. S&L currently has several options available that fit this category. The one pictured above is one of Bree's favorites: The Memphis Dress. The denim-look of chambray makes pieces like these function in your wardrobe as a great neutral, similar to the way your favorite pair of jeans work for you: always dependable, never out of style, easy to accessorize. ;) Click here to shop all dresses!  

navy and yellow tassel bracelet


All this talk about changing looks by accessorizing obviously means that you’ll need some great pieces of jewelry. 😘 I love The Eclipse Tassel Bracelet pictured above, as well as The Drift Bracelet I'm wearing in the first photo! The items we’ve recently launched are some of our best yet. You can click here to shop them all!

What do you think of the idea of an ethically made capsule wardrobe? Is that something that feels doable, or do you feel still intimidated by the idea? If you try out the Pinterest idea, let me know what styles end up standing out to you! I’d love to know if you want to share! ❤


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