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Let's Dream Together!


Have you ever had a dream or idea that you just couldn't let go?  No matter how much you thought it wouldn't work or it wasn't a good idea, it just kept coming back to the front of your mind.  That's where I was about a year ago in my life.  I knew I had a voice that needed to be heard! A voice that could make a difference, even if it was just one person's life.  This is why I started this company.  I had the know-how and voice, but more so, the passion.  I knew if I focused on that, I could make a difference.

This idea of being able to make a difference has always been with me,  even from a very young age.  I've always felt as though, I could make a difference, I can help someone with my story. I've had many "ideas", many "dreams", to the point that some think I'm "just being crazy again...".  "I thought you would have settled down after having kids, and become more realistic."  Sometimes, it's these comments that slow me down, make me want to get, "comfortable", in life but MOST of the time it's these comments that propel me further and motivate me to a point that washes out any doubt that I have.  It's that thought and passion that I hold on to.   

Have you ever felt like you're just grasping at straws?  Like you have idea after idea that all seem to go nowhere.  This thought has crossed my mind time and time again. Whenever my husband and I got back from the Amazon, I felt like I couldn't find my purpose, motherhood aside.  I would have an idea and decide it was either too hard or get burnt out trying to make something happen.  I feel like with these ideas, I didn't have the real passion to go along with the idea.  

After several failed attempts, I started to realize the difference between good ideas and passion.  Passion is the driving factor you need to make a good idea come to life.  Good ideas, however, will never drive you to passion.  I had to start asking myself a question to know if something was going to work.  "Am I truly passionate about this idea?"  We all have to come to this realization and find our "what".  We have to stay focused on that passion and desires because they were put there for a reason.  Stay focused on them so you can grow to your fullest potential.  This is the only way that I feel like anyone will ever have true happiness in their life.  Whenever we become passionate and in tune with our desires we can begin to live without reservations.  We can begin to live courageously for what we were created to do.  When you find this "truth" you let go of fear and embrace the love you were meant to share.

As I worked through these thoughts on my journey, I wondered, "How many other people felt the same way?".  Do you have a dream for your life? Have you found your passion or focus for your life or are you just starting to dream? 


This is why I started the Dreamer & Doer Podcast.  I know there had to be other people trying to start dreaming or trying to figure out how to bring their dream to life.  I want to encourage others, that no matter how big or how small you think your dream is, it will be big to someone.  What you do with your dream and your unique voice can have an everlasting effect on someone.  Wheather you know it or not, you have amazing potential inside of you.  It's time we ban together to make it happen! 

We are the ones that can #createathrivingworld.




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