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Nervous to Try a Romper? Advice From a (Former) Skeptic.

So, it’s okay to admit it, right? The first time I saw a romper on the clothes rack… I was skeptical. Incredulous. Discombobulated. Melodramatic. Or maybe that last one is right now.


I wondered how to wear a romper or jumpsuit. Could I possibly look cute in one? I immediately flashed back to 90’s fashion trends, which at the time I had not accepted as current 😉, and my first impulse was to pass the romper by. However, the more I saw these trendy pieces “in the wild,” I saw them for what they really are: a no-brainer, always-coordinated outfit with the breeziness of a dress and the convenience of pant legs (because I am a mother and these are the things I think about). I eventually came around thanks to Salt & Light Trading Company and the Dallas Boho Market. 

dallas boho market ethically made fashion

(You may remember this photo from sweet Tiffany’s blogpost a little while back! If not, give it a read!)

Even though yellow is my absolute favorite color, this jumpsuit was totally outside my comfort zone. But Bree handed it to me and said, "Try it." So I did. 😉 And the longer I wore it, the more I came to love it. When you put on one piece of clothing that is ultra comfy, and you get about a compliment-per-minute while wearing it, suddenly your clothing comfort zone broadens just a bit. 😉 

(While the jumper pictured above is sold out, we now have The Melissa Floral Romper in yellow AND navy in a very similar pattern, but a different cut… you can find them here!)

So, maybe you’re listening now, but you’re still feeling a little skeptical? I have one simple piece of advice: start with a solid black romper!  We have two amazing options to choose from, so you know you can't go wrong! 
figure flattering black jumpsuit for women
Choosing the Jamie Front Tie Jumpsuit is my first recommendation, simply because of the ultra-flattering cut and classic fit. (Bonus feature for nursing Mamas? This piece has a surplice neckline which makes it a totally nursing friendly jumpsuit!) Look at this piece like a little black dress: every closet needs one, it will never go out of style, and it can be worn for a wide range of occasions! Plus, this black jumpsuit is toned-down enough for your first dip into the waters of romper-wearing. ;) 
black romper
The next recommendation for those who want to try the romper trend, but are still on the fence, is the Leslie Drawstring Romper. This piece will be so easy to style for everyday wear: running errands, date night, or a get-together with friends. It’s shorter on the length and higher on the neckline, which gives it a totally different look than the Jamie Front Tie Jumpsuit. This ethically made black romper can be dressed up or down, but I think it dresses down easier for those with a more casual lifestyle. 
What makes either of these options better than any other LBR (Little Black Romper) on the market? Of course, because these pieces are made here in the USA and a portion of all the profits goes directly to supporting Grace House Amazon, a children’s home providing care for the bodies and souls of children in Brazil. 
So, what do you think? Do I have you convinced or were you already a romper-lover? (If the latter, we have several stunners you absolutely need to see!)  If you pick up The Jamie or The Leslie, remember to tag us #createathrivingworld on Instagram or Salt and Light Trading Co. on Facebook! And never forget, together we can make a thriving world.

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