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Sometimes life can feel like we are drifting along with no direction. It’s can be easy to get comfortable going through the motions as we try and get through each day. If we want to see progression in our lives, we need to know our "why". WHY, do we do what we do. WHY, do we repeat the grind every day. We have to stop and ask ourselves if we know what we are working towards. Our 'why' is what motivates us. I can attest to the consequence of getting wrapped up in the daily grind. When we moved back from the Amazon, Kendall and I both felt like we were constantly grasping at straws, trying to make ‘something’ happen. We didn’t even know what that ‘something’ was let alone why we wanted it to happen. I’m here to tell you, ‘something’ is not fulfilling. ‘Something’ will only ever have you chasing your tail.  ‘Something’, is what you do. Your ‘what’ is just dirt in your garden. If you never put seeds down, or plant plants, there wouldn’t be any life in that garden. You have to know the why that drives what you do. Not only do you need to know if, but you need to repeat it to yourself every day. Once you have that down, you need to tell every soul you come in contact with. It needs to be ever present on your mind. If you let it slip away, even for one day you will lose passion and the drive to see your dream come to be. I believe this is why so many people fail to completely DO their dreams (disclaimer: dreams have their way of evolving & changing).

Your WHY is everything in making it happen.

So what is our WHY?

When Kendall and I were living in the Amazon we met an amazing couple, Richard and Ashley Whittemore. We met them randomly through Ashley's blog, even though we were just a couple towns apart in the Amazon. Richard and Ashley had dreams of their own when they moved to the Amazon but eventually found themselves being a part of beginning a children's home in the Amazon. As we grew closer to them, we began to feel like they would be lifelong friends and people that we could work with. They are not only great friends but genuine, loving people with hearts living against the culture of this world that constantly scream "worry about only yourself!" 

When we came home from the Amazon, we still kept in touch as best as we could despite the faulty internet on their side. They kept us updated on everything happening in our past home while we spent our time praying for them. As time went on, the Grace House finally opened with a tremendous response and as they quickly grew the financial need did too.

At this point in time, we were grasping for something more and for something that would connect us to a place we missed so much. How could be there without physically being there? Every day, it felt like we had a new idea that we halfway jumped into. We felt a need to be a part of where we used to live. We felt torn between two places as home. This was the spark for Salt & Light Trading Co to come about. This is our "why"! All the pieces had come together between passion and practicality. We put our heads down and began creating a company with the intention of providing for others.

I don't write this to brag. I write this in hopes that I inspire. I am nothing special and Lord only knows I could've used every excuse in the book to not do this. When he calls you to something, He will equip you for it. Most of the things I have learned have been through hands-on learning or experience, no hire education in this field. I simply am willing and making myself available. It is easy to make excuses for why you or your situation isn't good enough, but if I could give you any advice it’s to start where you are and do what you can with what you have.

If you're reading this, you need to know that you have something to give! More than that, you have someone out there that needs you to give it! I can't tell you what that is or the "why" that will drive you there. Only you can find that. The best part is, you know yourself better than anyone and you already have all the tools to get you there! Once you find your "why", if you're willing to put in the work, you can make it happen.

Is it going to be confusing at times? Yes.

Will you fail? Probably. But you’ll get back up.

Is it going to be hard? Absolutely.

Will you shed some tears and want to quit? If you’re anything like me, probably every day.

Does it have to be something big? Not at all. In fact, I believe changing the world starts in your home by living with your family (this specifically goes out to the mamas out there).

Will it happen over night? Nope, but you'll keep working beacuse your why is worth it.


 My why is knowing that this business will eventually fully fund a children's home in the Amazon each month knowing children will be cared for and loved on. If the women working in the children's home can give of themselves each day, then I can be an advocate for them here.  Its a beautiful thing to realize our stories are just a small part of an even bigger one.   

Keep on dreaming, and keep on doing, one day at a time!




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