What Does Ethical Fashion Mean to Us?

What is “Ethical Fashion”?
Unfortunately, this term can take on a lot of definitions, depending on the person using them. We want to take a moment with you to define what we mean when we say “Ethical Fashion” and in turn, clarify our mission at Salt & Light Trading Company. 💛

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Dress: The Bella Gingham Dress

We desire to see people all over the world thriving in their livelihood, not just surviving. Across the globe, clothing manufacturers produce mass amounts of clothing to meet the demand for big-box stores, and often the working conditions and/or compensation for employees is sub-par. This can make it can be extremely difficult for the average consumer to determine if the source of their clothing is from an upstanding source.
We want to take away that uncertainty for you.

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Blouse: The Tiffany Off-the-Shoulder Top

At Salt & Light Trading Company, we have two modes of action:

1. We sell artisan-made items from organizations that are located in other countries, for the purpose of benefiting the community they are in by providing respectable employment. They are the “boots on the ground”, so to speak, working face-to-face with the individuals who are making the items and making sure they receive fair pay and great working conditions. These are ministries that are offering individuals the chance to work with their hands and learn what they’re capable of, and to see the dignity they have been endowed with as image-bearers of God by being shown respect in their environment.

We currently work with artisan partners in Haiti, India, and Romania, and we are looking forward to working with more organizations like these in the future.

2. We also sell items that have been made in the USA, where the laws for compensation and working conditions for factory employees are trustworthy. 10% of our proceeds go directly to Grace House Amazon, a children's home in Brazil that provides soul and body care for kids who need it. Breanne and Kendall have a heart to see this particular ministry thrive, as they are former full-time missionaries to Brazil. (Actually, I still think of them as full-time missionaries… just operating from a new base. 😉) This is another way that we try to directly influence the lives of others, to hopefully help them go beyond surviving and move into thriving.

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For us, starting a clothing boutique seemed like a strange way to pursue world-change. But sometimes, God places a call on your life and you have to step out in obedience, even if it looks a little different than you imagined.

As a consumer, buying a beautiful dress, a trendy romper, or a statement necklace from Salt & Light Trading Co. may seem like an insignificant contribution to a huge mission. Reject that thought, please. 😌 You, our friend and customer, are what keeps our mission moving forward!  

It’s been said, by someone, somewhere… on Pinterest… 😂

“Little by little, one travels far.”

That’s what we’re trying to do. Little by little, we are striving to move forward in our mission and see change in the world. It’s about more than clothes, it’s about people. And it’s not even just about people… It’s about Jesus. We hope that by showing love to people in this way, that they might get a glimpse of the love that God the Father has for them and turn their hearts toward Him.

grace house amazon

We are so grateful to have you on mission with us. 💛

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