What's the big deal???

So, what's the big deal?  Why is this fairtrade and ethical clothing so important?

For most of us, clothes are such a practical item.  We don't think twice about when we see something we need or want, we just buy it.  This has become the norm in our fast-paced way of life.  Typically, none of us stop and think, how were these clothes made?  

Most people have heard of 'sweatshops'  but rarely stop and think about the people working in them.  These terms are all too real places where most of our clothes are manufactured.  In an aggressive desire to increase profits, companies bring their manufacturing needs to other parts of the world where there are no regulations on working conditions or wage.  Manufactures undercut each other to the point that they can not pay their workers a normal salary, if even at all.  In so manufacturing plants they can not even provide clean or safe work areas, all because of the competition the fashion industry has created. 

This is why we have set out on a mission to find the best clothing produced to ethical standards and help #createathrivingworld.  Its been a slow process and we have made our fair share of mistakes in the matter but through those mistakes, we have learned how to provide a better collection for you.




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