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Our Story


Hey there! My name is Breanne. I value heart-to-hearts over coffee, spontaneous visits with friends, community over competition, trips to the beach, and most of all the people in my home that call me wife & mama. It's my passion to provide a place for you to shop that you can trust to be an ethical option.

I'm a visionary. Always have been and always will be but life became so much sweeter when I finally embraced that. I gave myself permission to dream big, fail, & pursue hard things. If you asked 10 year old me what I wanted to be when I grow up my answer would've been "I don't know but I want to change the world." Here I am, 16 years later and my answer is still the same but now I have a better idea of how I can be a part of that and how you can be a part of that too.

I have been fortunate to have traveled to some beautiful places in this world. Along the way, I left pieces of my heart in those places I visited. It's really hard to keep my heart whole when my feet are in Texas. I'm determined to not let geographical location be a reason I cannot still be a part of something bigger than myself. I'm so thankful that the world we live in today provides us with endless tools and opportunities to be connected to a world bigger than us.

You can read more on our blog: This is really happening!

I hope you enjoy browsing our collection of clothing & accessories and know that when you shop with us you are putting your purchasing power to helping us create a thriving world. Our goal is to provide fashionable clothing from all over the world, including the good ol USA, that creates an impact and changes lives. We are QUICKLY growing thanks to amazing world changers, like YOU!

Thank you for shopping Salt and Light Trading Co! We are delighted to have you.

Remember you can always contact us with any questions or comments. We'd LOVE to hear from you.

P.S. What's your dream? Whatever it is, you should get out there and do it. The world needs more of YOU. If you are still looking or in the middle of your dream, you should check out my podcast Dreamer & Doer.